easy peezy coconut soup recipe

there were some random lonely veggies hanging out in our fridge and on these occasions i usually plop them all in a soup. this time i just made this soup recipe up simply using a can of coconut milk i had languishing in the cabinet ...and it turned out really well...if i do say so myself! it's totally fail-safe, quick and easy. here's what i did but feel free to modify to your taste-bud's desire. this recipe is totally vegan - but feel free to add egg or fish/meat if you would like. for more protein but still keeping it vegan, some tofu chunks would make a great addition!

Mr. Kate Easy Peezy Clean Out The Fridge Coconut Soup (vegan):

ingredients: - 1 can of coconut milk (sold at any grocery store, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have good ones) - veggies of your choice i would recommend using 1 onion, mushrooms (i used 2 giant portobellos, but you could use a cup of crimini), something green like a few leaves of kale and/or head of broccoli, 2 to 3 carrots, 1/2 cup of chopped ginger root (if you don't have ginger root use ginger powder), a few sprigs of fresh parsley, etc. get creative and colorful. - 1 half of a lime or lemon - chili sauce or flakes (if you want it spicy) to taste - 1 cup of veggie broth or water will do too (for extra liquid) - spices: curry powder, salt and pepper to taste

do it (you'll need around 15 to 20 minutes): - chop the onions and put them in a pan with a little oil on medium to soften and release the flavor. - once the onions are getting soft (after a couple minutes) add the chunks of mushroom and the other thick veggies (carrots, broccoli, etc.) - salt to taste - while those veggies are softening, cut the rest of your veggies into chunks (i made mine a nice chunky peasant soup - plus it's faster and easier to chop big!) - get a pot and transfer all of your veggies from the pan and the chopping board into the pot - add your can of coconut milk and set the heat to medium or medium low - add your spices to taste - curry, chili sauce, more salt and pepper to taste - add your lemon or lime juice - add more liquid by adding veggie broth or water - the consistency of the soup is up to you - i made mine with enough broth to cover most of the veggies cuz the broth was so good! - stir from time to time until liquid is heated throughly and un-cooked veggies have cooked all the way through. serve and eat! so yum! make a big pot and keep in the fridge for a couple days for lunches, etc!

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