eat your vitamins!

kailea this is just a peek at the vitamins i take, every day! i aint crazy, im just healthy! =)

from top left to right: acai berry with green tea-this is a no brainer peoples! its a natural antioxidant, gets rid of all that nasty stuff your body intakes every day! its a necessity! vitamin c-duh! enough said. vitamin e-helps your skin and hair glow and GROW. calcium-ladies, this is especially important for us! feed your bones what they need! echinacea and goldenseal-ok peeps another great antioxidant, helps keep you healthy. the more you load up on the good stuff, the less you will get sick!

from bottom left to right: biotin-grow your hair, skin, nails quicker and more healthy! fish oil with omega 3-"the miracle food of the 21st century" helps prevent heart disease, maintains healthy cholesterol levels, its food for your brain helping with migraines and even depression! love my fish oil! and last but certainly not least: b-complex-this helps give your body that natural energy so you don't have to take those awful energy drinks!! barf!

note: i do not eat all these mo fos without eating a small little something like a nanner aka banana. you may puke if u don't have some grub in your tummy!

now if you still haven't had enough, take some Emergen-C. give your body that natural kick in the butt!!

power up people!


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