happy 1st birthday mr. kate

a year ago today, i made my first blog entry on my new site mrkate.com... it's been a wonderful year, i love having this blog and really feel as though i've found my voice!!! i know it's not a comment-heavy blog but i know i have readers out there! so i'm asking you, yes you, the readers who visit every day or once a week or even once... please comment and let me know you're out there! you can even comment anonymously! i mean everyone... even you Gampa ; )

i have run the gamut on my blog and i really view it as a "lifestyle" blog. so on this first anniversary of cyber birth, i compiled some of my favorite blog posts from the past year, covering all the areas of my life/lifestyle that i find fun, creative, expressive, and fulfilling. so thank you to all of you out there who view and read my blabbings... i really appreciate each and every one of you.


- can i see your muff - sometimes you just need to shove a chocolate chip mousse cookie sandwich in your mouth - fine art and wedgies - my mini army of profanities - heart on - layered and loaded - key - twinkle wrinkles - midwest musings - sergeant saddlebags - well shucks - pan demonium - electric o range - antique

DIY crafts/beauty on-the-cheap:

- goldfish and lube - what are you supposed to be? - treks and spikes - hallows eve - paper bag presents - horns of freyr - how to "dread curls" - doohickey

Interior Design Style on-the-cheap:

- avenue C apt - orange you glad you like turquoise? - opposites attract - stairclimber to heaven - bohemian jewel box

Opinion/Socio Political Awareness:

- why blog? - let's talk T & A (yeah i DO mean tits and ass) - sir shrink-a-lot - help! my dog ate my tampon!


- let's talk stinky pits - tasty gunmetal greens - first harvest - gross post - the dark and leafy side - easy peezy deli steezy


- losing my wisdom - touch your own risk - learning from little ethiopia - sloppy kissses - the red shoe district - socialist jellyfish - after the rain - how do i describe my world

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