DIY heart-felt nails

I'm so excited for you all to see this video! I teamed up with Diet Pepsi to make this nail art video for fuzzy heart nails that I'm calling "Heart FELT Nails"...get it!? I was inpsired by the velvet nails that are made with flocking and came up with this technique to make an easy heart shape with a toothpick and then add the flocking for a 3D 'fuzzy' finish. #sponsored

Thanks to my friends Audrey Wauchope and Jessie Payo for being my nail art subjects!

Show us your nail art and love inspired DIYs on Twitter with: #ShareTheLove @DietPepsi and @MrKateDotCom

Prep It:

  • light base nail polish color
  • different color(s) polish for your heart shape
  • toothpicks
  • flocking powder - get it at craft stores like Michael's or order online
  • tweezers
  • fan brush or paint brush


  1. paint your base color and let it dry fully. this is important so the flocking powder only sticks to the heart shape.
  2. create your heart shape using the nail polish brush to make two dots for the top of the heart and one dot for the point of the heart. it should look like a triangle of dots.
  3. connect the dots using a toothpick and create the finished heart shape filling it in with the polish from the dots. add a little more polish if you need to as you go.
  4. apply the flocking powder to your wet heart shape using tweezers to sprinkle over the top. press the flocking powder down to make sure it's fully embedded in the polish.
  5. let the heart shape dry fully and then use the fan brush or paint brush to brush off any excess flocking powder and reveal for your heart!
  6. now you have Heart FELT Nails!

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