heidi doody

this is my favorite bad-hair-day-hairdo that i wore today and got so many compliments on so i thought i'd do a blog post about it! it's definitely not my creation, i just do my own twist on the braided-headband-swiss-swedish-heidi-do... oh, and the last shot i'm eating popcorn (the best herbed popcorn from whole foods that is soooo addictive! but also absorbs red lipstick so beware).

How To Heidi Doody (about 5 to 7 minutes): - separate hair in a middle part like you're going to put in pig tales. (you can also part on the side if that's what you prefer, it will just be a different look).

- leave out a few front pieces to make more small braids to connect in later and make a more intricate look (optional how many you want).

- do a french braid braided pig-tail on either side of your head making sure that the top part of the braid starts a bit behind your ear. the french braid will add body to the crown of your head and make the final do look more intricate.

- take length of braid and flip it upside down to lay across your head in front of the french braid part (closer to your face) to make one half of the braided headband. pin it in place with bobby pins that match your hair color. repeat with the other braid on the other side.

- braid the leftover face framing pieces in small braids and tuck them into the headband portion, securing with bobby pins. you may want all of your hair off your face and worked into the do, or you may want a few curls/pieces of hair unbraided around your face to make it look a little more disheveled.

- use the palms of your hands to loosen up the entire do and your fingers to work free the tight bobby pins, so you don't get a headache as the day goes on and you make it look a little more haphazard and freshly frolicked in.

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