how to display: rock collection

last week, i asked Joey as i pointed high up in our storage closet, "can you help me get my rock and seashell collection down from up there?" of course he chuckled that i actually had a rock and seashell collection, oh, did i mention i also asked him to pull down the box with my sea glass collection as well?! yes, yes i just did.

collections are something that many people have and i, for one, collected rocks, seashells and sea glass when i was little. i've since stopped but i never got rid of them thinking i'd do something great with them one day. i've always thought a sea glass mosaic tabletop would be fun to do. just so you know how far back i collected these things, this is how 'seashells' is written on the Land's End shoe box where they've been stored for over a decade:

spelling still isn't really my forte... anyways, i wanted to do a little photo project post on how to display collections of natural/organic elements:

  1. Vase: this is the only decorative element on our bathroom counter. i used a simple, clear glass vase, put some of my prettiest rocks and crystals at the bottom and then stuck a manzanita branch in (you can get these at most nurseries). no watering necessary!
  2. Candle Holder: i took a large pedestal candle holder and placed a tiny tea light candle slightly off center. i filled in the rest of the space with some of my sea shells and displayed it next to some old books.
  3. Glass Jars: i used two glass jars that originally came with bath salts in them. i filled them up with some of my sea glass pieces and placed two tea lights in the openings. tea lights are optional, these jars look equally cool with the corks and no candles.
  4. Table Top Accessory: i like to soften electronics by placing something organic near them. here i simply used some unpolished pieces of coral and a sea shell next to Joey's iPad... oh, and my second grade school picture.
  5. Plant Base Filler: i love having plants around and a little sprinkling of sea glass and rocks covers up the dirt but still enables watering!

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