i got a tattoo

i've been wanting another tattoo! ...if you've been with me a while, you'll remember my first tattoo Pedro - see him getting dressed here!

i've been experimenting with pens for a while - see other tattoo related posts here, but i just couldn't decide what i wanted to get! i know i wanted it on my arm somewhere, so i could enjoy seeing it every day, but nothing was clicking. then i started thinking more philosophically about it, if you will. i started asking myself, 'why do you want a tattoo?'

i know that the way i style myself is an expression of my individuality and what i like. i really live that motto and try to inspire people to do the same through my Mr. Kate brand. i dress for myself and my own enjoyment, and i enjoy tattoos! so, i wanted one that would translate my desire to express myself individually and uniquely, but also one that would symbolize my constant creativity and re-invention. then it hit me, i just want 'a tattoo!'

the shallow meaning of 'a tattoo' is that it's funny and ironic. the deep meaning is that it symbolizes my desire to express my unique style, sense of humor and honor my evolution - that i may never know what symbol i want on my body but i'll always know that i wanted A TATTOO!...

another little tid-bit on the font, it's actually my boyfriend Joey's handwriting! i knew i wanted it handwritten but i didn't like how my writing looked... so, i had Joey write 'a tattoo' on a take-out menu and liked how it looked and brought it with me to the tattoo parlor.


  • thrifted tutu
  • shoes from UrbanOG for $49.50 - read more about them here!
  • random Melrose Ave. top - more pics here.
  • Cosabella bra - bought on Gilt Group
  • Mr. Kate Gaia ring - on right middle finger
  • Mr. Kate Creon ring - on left thumb
  • Mr. Kate Eir ring on - on left middle finger
  • Mr. Kate Sif crown ring
  • Mr. Kate Kacper cuff
  • clip in extensions - DIY here
  • DIY gel manicure in Sensationail in Taupe Tulips - DIY your own gel mani here!
  • new tattoo!!!
how do you DO IT!?

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