guy style: it's blazing in this blazer

hellooo, it's Kalin, where the eff did summer go? as Brad (Mr. Kate's videographer) and i embrace the thought of our pasty white skin coming back, no more short shorts, and fewer hours in the day, we got blazers to cheer us up. talk about retail therapy.

primary colors for your primary man (unless of course you're polyamorous, then pick your favorite one for this outfit)!

color blocking on men, yes i am calling it that, looks good when done correctly. just make sure he avoids neons and similar hues.

use basketball jersey's for color blocking inspiration- this outfit: Cleveland Cavaliers.

the Mahjong necklace is in Brad's own collection. and mine. and kate's. and probably joey's too. i guess it's the initiation ritual for the Mr. Kate team rather than binge drinking apple schnapp's and eating fifty hot dogs.

black on black on black...on oxidized silver.

based on what i've seen- get a black jacket. get black jeans. get black boots and bam! you will blend in with the asphalt, Diego Velazquez and runways worldwide for fall 2012.

Brad's jewelry walked into a bar, what did the Pig say to Bacchus? i really suck at jokes so i can't even pretend. but arrrrghh, he found some Buried Treasure!

our inspiration came from 20,000 leagues under the sea, my friend Zach k., Prada and Steampunks everywhere.

wait, what the heck is andy warhol doing in a tree in a silver blazer?! ohhh, that's just Brad.

bold moves Brad. bold moves! he is a neo-knight in rose gold armor!

take a neutral color like grey, add some flair to his outfit with accessories and a pop of color! yes. guys can wear jewelry such as the Vintage Mr. Kate logo, and the Mr. Kate Rosary. i mean popes wear rosaries all the time.

-kalin (off to go raid brad's closet)

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