Kate's Take: DIY super bowl party game & snapchat vacation!

Guys! I hate the Super Bowl! Well, to clarify, I don't really care about it in any way because sports just aren't my thing. But what I do like is super things and a fun party game so that was my inspiration to come up with this Bowl Of Super aka a Super Bowl in which you can put pieces of paper with super things written on them - kind of like daily affirmations. OR you can play a fun game at your Super Bowl party and write things that aren't so super (like going bald, bikini waxes, stubbing your toe, etc.) and challenge yourself and guests to, charades style, hint at the thing using only super things to describe it. Get it? Watch the video above to see my Super Bowl (which I made by spray painting a kid's football helmet shiny silver) and how Joey and I play the game. Watching Joey try to put a super spin on cellulite is worth a watch for sure!

Also, I'm very excited because we're leaving for Mexico tomorrow and I will be documenting our trip with daily photos and videos on Snapchat - username: mrkate. Also follow me on Instagram @mrkatedotcom for pretty pics from our trip ; )

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Prep It:




Do It!:

  1. Spray paint the helmet and cardboard tape tube and let dry.
  2. Cut up your decorative paper in little squares.
  3. Write some"unfortunate events" to make super and lay out the extra paper and marker for your guests to do the same!




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