last minute costume DIY: dust bunny!

"what are you supposed to be?" - " i'm a Dust Bunny! you know, those little balls of dust and fuzz that roll around under furniture? now i'm hopping around your Halloween party!"

this was so cheap and easy! i thought of this costume a couple years ago but never actually made it. i know lots of us are last minute when it comes to costumes so here's another idea you can do in 20 mins!

What You Need:

watch the video above for a visual tutorial for all the following steps.


  • plastic headband - a wider one is better to hold the weight of the ears.
  • pair of chopsticks - the to-go kind
  • 20 gauge wire or floral wire could work too if you doubled it
  • 1/4 to half of a strand of fake spider/cob web material $5 per bag usually
  • glue gun
  • pliers
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • rest of spider web from ears project
  • full skirt
  • basic top
  • ivory drugstore nylons
  • white pumps
  • safety pin
  • white face paint/creme make-up
  • pink creme make-up or pink lipstick
  • black liquid liner
  • brown or charcoal eyeshadow
  • makeup brush
  • baby powder
  • comb or hair brush
  • hairspray
Do It: ears:
  1. cut a generous piece of wire around 2 to 3 feet long and wrap one end around one end of a chopstick.
  2. attache the chopstick to the headband (off-set it to one side) by wrapping the remaining part of the wire around the headband - use pliers to tamp down the ends of the wire.
  3. repeat step 2 with the other chopstick
  4. cut a new piece of wire and create a triangle wire frame by wrapping one end to the headband, up to the tip of the chopstick and then down to the opposite side of the chopstick and wrap to attache to the headband again. repeat for the other side.
  5. cover your headband and ear frames with the spiderweb material. start by gluing one end down and wrapping the material around the headband and ear frames, glue in places to secure.
  6. trim the cobweb and secure the end
  1. wearing the base of your costume: skirt/tutu, nylons, tank or tee and pumps wrap the remaining spiderweb material from the ears around the skirt.
  2. use another piece to wrap around as a shawl then criss-cross and wrap around the front of your body to create the shrug/bolaro top of the costume.
  3. ball up any excess spiderweb material to make a round bunny tail and safety pin it to the butt of your costume.
  1. use the white make-up to create a triangle shape on the tip of your nose and rounded shapes onto your cheeks filling in with white and down to your upper lip.
  2. paint over the white triangle on your nose with pink for a pink bunny nose
  3. with your black liquid liner draw a line from the center base of your nose down to your lip and put 3 dots on either side of your nose with little whisker lines extending from the dots.
  4. tease out your hair with your brush or comb, spray it with hairspray to hold and then sprinkle baby powder for the look of dust.
  5. smudge your face to look like you're dusty by using your brown or charcoal eyeshadow. repeat the smudges on your arms and nylons - you want to look dusty!
hop hop, you're done!

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