last minute halloween costume ideas

take a peek at the quickie video above where i sketch out some fun and creative, last minute Halloween costume ideas that you can put together with stuff around your home or in your closet!

A Twister Game aka "whoa, where are those dots going!?":

  • wear all white
  • cut out felt circles in red, green, blue and yellow
  • pin the circles onto your white outfit, wherever you want (watch that red one!) and carry around the Twister wheel!
A Penny:
  • cut our a round circle from a piece of cardboard and create a space in it to rest on your shoulder.
  • draw the words, numbers, etc. that are on a penny coin in copper but leave the space for the Lincoln profile.
  • glue or draw on a fake Lincoln beard and be the head on the penny!
Clean Coal:
  • wear a maid's outfit and smudge your face and apron with black eyeshadow aka coal soot.
  • carry around a feather duster and a bucket that says "Coal" and you're clean coal!
A YouTube Video:
  • cut out a rectangle piece of cardboard with a space where the video player would be.
  • draw the YouTube logo and video info - maybe title it "Last Minute Halloween Costume" or whatever you want.
  • wear the piece of cardboard with your head poking through the space for the video player and you're staring in your own live-action YouTube video!
Easy Movie Characters from Your Closet:
  • Sandy from Grease: black skinny jeans, a tight black shirt, teased hair and red lipstick.
  • Tom Cruise from Risky Business: men's collared shirt, men's underwear, white socks, black Ray Ban sunglasses.
Where's Waldo:
  • red and white striped sweater and beanie - make your own with a white turtle neck and red fabric paint.
  • blue pants
  • black framed glasses

for more Halloween decor and costume, make-up inspiration, go here!

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