layers: a journey from sausage casing to comfort cool

i can't decide if this last photo is good or if i look constipated...

anyways, i wanted to do a post about layering clothing and i figured this was a good outfit to inspire that post! here's my opinion on layering: it's great! i'm an actress, from time to time, as some of you may or may not know, so i've run the gamut with on-camera outfits (which is a very objective place to see yourself, ugh), sometimes i'm okay with how i look and other times i hate! of course that depends on what character i'm playing. if you've seen my reel you'll notice that i've played some unscrupulous characters, where the outfit was the least of my worries! so blah blah, i digress, about myself, hellooo narcissism!

moral of the story is this: from my experience, layering actually makes you appear slimmer! i know it seems like a contradiction, like the more clothes i put on would make me look bigger, right? wrong dudes, when something is draped right and you have layers on, the fact that it's baggier on you gives the appearance that you're smaller-framed within the bigger clothing! you can then, always belt something or push the sleeves up or show some leg and have the exposed-skin-to-clothing ratio be flattering on your body type. i've learned this the hard way because there are plenty of my own, non-layered, on camera outfits out there that made me look like i was in sausage casing! that being said, i am not writing this post to say that skinny is ideal, i'm not a fan of super skinny, i'm a fan of in-shape and healthy and that means different things for different people! everybody is unique! so experiment with layers and see how you think it looks in the mirror or in photos!

some good layering options and tips:

  1. think about your clothing to exposed skin ratio and the proportions of your top vs. your bottom. ex: if you wear a baggy top, wear a tighter skirt or pants and vise versa. if you're wearing a baggy dress make sure it's short enough to show enough leg (even if you're wearing tights) so you don't look like Ghandi (as cool as he was and all)!
  2. a slightly loose t-shirt with jeans and a blazer with the sleeves rolled or tucked, a good example here. you can also wear a big blazer as a dress with a slip underneath or a dress with a smaller blazer, as seen in my video here.
  3. a slip underneath a loose t-shirt with a belt and an over-sized button-up, like this outfit here.
  4. i'm a big fan of leotards (as seen in this post too). you can pair a darker colored leotard underneath looser fitting or sheer tops with shorts, skirt or pants. example with a black leotard and pants in this post here.

- quick layering options also include:

  • vests
  • loose light-weight scarves
  • belting anything!

- above outfit: urban black bra (peeking out), american apparel mesh leotard and black skirt, american vintage over-shirt, linea pelle belt, sam edelman shoes and Mr. Kate Glow Worm Necklace (worn short) and other Mr. Kate jewelry -

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