Bouquet of the Month: Mother's Day Blooms

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In my opinion, mothers deserve the world. But since the globe is a little hard to wrap up in tissue paper and put in a gift bag, for this Mother's Day, I'll have to improvise a little bit.

So we can't give her the earth ... maybe we can give her some of the best the earth has to offer. And what better in that regard than the colorful, fragrant, and graceful flowers that grow from its ground? This bouquet could be suited for any deserving lady in your life, but with blooms that are freshest in late spring and a subtly sweet aroma that reminds me of those scented candles I've gotten my mom in years' past, it all just seemed to fall into place perfectly!


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Prep It:

Chamomile Chrysanthemum Queen Annie's Lace Ranunculi (Buttercups) Tulips

Do It!:

  1. Pour water into a large crystal vase, about a quarter of the way.
  2. Fill the vase with the flowers, working to create a flow between the different plants. You want it to look as much like as some wildflowers found in a field as possible! Play with texture and color flow, and make sure to have repetition — one yellow flower looks unintentional, two or three make a pretty accent.
  3. Present to your mother and enjoy being her favorite child (for at least that moment!)
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