mr. kate natural cold remedies

so i think i jinxed myself. just the other day i was bragging to myself that i haven't gotten a cold in two years! ever since i started eating vegan, more veggies, etc. i've not gotten a cold or flu... well, the universe heard the gloating going on in my head and dealt me a really nasty cold!

i've been sick since saturday and it's a bad one - constantly runny nose and rattling cough...lucky me! since this cold has been my ever-present reality the last few days, and i heard it's going around, i thought i'd do a cold remedy post. to let you know the things that seem to be making me feel better and conquer the germs!

i'm not a fan of anti-biotics for colds and stuff, i prefer to use natural stuff, when possible. note, i am not a professional - these are merely my personal recommendations so always consult your doctor if you're unsure.

  1. Vitamin C - old-school immune booster. i just pound this stuff, like 4,000 mg per day. i like the Buffered Vitamin C because it's not as hard on your tummy... meaning, less vitamin c farts!
  2. Slippery Elm lozenges, or syrup, is a great natural throat soother. non of that gross artificial cherry flavor.
  3. Vitamin D3 is part of my daily vitamin regime but i kick it up a notch for sickness. you have to be wary taking too much oil-based vitamins (not like vitamin C) because it can be hard on your liver. but you can kick up the D3 intake when you're sick to 4000 IUs per day... also get some sun to allow the D to take effect!
  4. Honey - I know it's not totally vegan but i buy wild-caught or bee-friendly raw honey. this is a miracle worker for a sore throat. i'll take a teaspoon full when i have a raw throat from coughing and it instantly soothes and calms.
  5. Wellness Formula by Source Naturals is something my friend Rachel told me about. it's got all kinds of wonderful herbs and amazing things to boost your immune function, even garlic! Take 6 pills twice per day when you're sick.
  6. Wild Cherry Bark cough syrup is so good. it really helps break up your cough and speed healing. there are a bunch of different brands at health food stores.
  7. A Roll of Toilet Paper in my purse is my best friend when i have a runny nose. it's easy to grab a piece of when you feel a snotty sneeze coming on... i've been carrying my eco-friendly toilet paper roll with me everywhere!
  8. Grease for Your Sore Nose - when you blow your nose a million times per day, the skin get's irritated. i love this Baby Head-To-Toe Ointment made with raw shea butter and argan oil by Shea Moisture. i got it at Walgreen's and it's actually diaper ointment but it can be used anywhere! it instantly soothes the skin around my nose and has prevented any dry flaky, red skin.
  9. Lemons! best remedy ever is some hot water with lemon and honey. the citrus helps with phlegm and the hot water is soothing and the honey is comforting. i've been making batches in my and drinking tons!
other things i recommend:
  • sleep a lot
  • sleep with your head propped up so you can drain and cough easier
  • steam therapy in hot showers or over a pot of hot water to loosen sludge
  • get sun - it's healing!
  • water, water, water
  • Valerian root tea to help you sleep
  • miso soup

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