new year's announcements and resolutions

My 2013 into 2014 done it and doing it resolutions

It has been a HUGE year for me, us, Mr. Kate. If I look back on last year's New Year's Note (click on the link to see it!), I managed to stick to all of those things - none of them being really hard (I did get a new tattoo), but the hardest always being to give myself a break and take a chill pill. Most important, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you for making 2013 an amazing year. Mr. Kate couldn't function without all of your positive support, so I really owe a genuine thank you hug, kiss and high five to each one of you!

Because I feel so close with all of you, who tune in to my creative musings on the reg, I wanted to share some of the big huge things that happened in 2013. Let's call it kind of a look-back-and-appreciate to give 2014 an informed launch pad for awesomeness. Please share your big 2013 events and 2014 hopes with me below! I want to hear from YOU, let's inspire each other ; )

On the Mr. Kate business front, some really exciting news came in October when we found out we got a book deal! I know, so exciting. I'm working on writing the Mr. Kate book (title yet to be revealed) right now and will keep you all posted on everything. I'm so sooooo thrilled about it and I hope you all will be too, it's going to be a unique and fun read. All in all, the Mr. Kate business is doing amazing with all the fun things we have going on, jewelry collections sparkling their way into your personal jewelry boxes (thank you loyal customers and Chaleena for being a superwoman), a line of art shade lighting with Lamps Plus and other radical things in the works.

On a huge deal personal front (but let's be real, nothing is totally personal because I document so much of my life for blogs and videos (thanks Brad!)), Joey and I were able to BUY A HOUSE! We just moved in a week and a half ago and we have big plans to show all of you the entire process that is owning our first house. Joey and I have been together for 6 and a half years and even though it was never in my life plan, our accountant made a very convincing argument to get married… so yeah, that happened too. I already knew I am going to be with Joey forever and ever because I love him more than words can say and can't imagine life without him, but unfortunately taxes and (guardian angels forbid) emergency situations didn't know that as well, so we made it legal. You may think it's unromantic but I don't have any personal romantic feelings about legal marriage so we did it in a funny and easy way at a courthouse in east LA…. because #whynot!?

So yeah, phew, big year and I'm looking forward to 2014! My resolutions are to keep the momentum going, keep smiling, keep healthy, stay relaxed and enjoy all the moments. What are yours?

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