not that you peeps want to look at my feets. buuuut, Pedro is going to have a big day tomorrow. who is Pedro? well i've blogged about him before here but he is my left pinkie toe. i can't even remember when or where he got his name but he's been Pedro foreeever. and i think it's time he become a getting a bow tie and 3 button tattoo of course! he is much smaller than my other pinkie toe. i think i stunted his growth when i pulled the nail out when i was little and biting my toe nails. my foot slipped and out came my nail. gross. so anyways he's tiny and i have no muscle control over him, when i flare my toes he just hugs onto his neighbor and i can't get him to let go. weird. it's really just a running joke in my family so sorry if you're totally weirded out at this point....Pedro has that effect on people sometimes.

this will be my first tattoo ever! i'm breaking the seal tomorrow at noon! Pedro is ready, he's a little scared because the tattoo parlor people said toe tattoos are the most painful...? i know, doesn't make sense to me either. i'm hoping his lack of muscle control will also translate to less pain sensitivity. we shall see. so say goodbye to plain, virginal Pedro because tomorrow he will be dressed to the nines!

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