puss ‘n boots

did you ever buy anything from a stripper store? well i have, one time, i bought the costumes for my senior thesis film at LMU from a stripper store on Hollywood blvd. my film was about women's sexuality and body image and i dressed a bodacious girl up as sexy fairy tale characters to show how girls are bombarded with unrealistic "sexy" female archetypes starting at a young age with Disney animations, etc. these pink fishnets are left over from the "Sexy Cinderella" outfit.

i have my own opinions about the business of strippers. it's hard for me to imagine a more derogatory and objectifying occurrence in our culture (don't get me started on other cultures) than having someone dance naked as you throw dollar bills at them. i always think of Princess Leia in her slave costume and Java The Hut drooling, ewww.... i guess it's just about as bad as dressing women up as animals, uh rabbits, er excuse me, bunnies.

my criticism may seem prude to some, but i am far from that. no, i am very sexual and embrace my own definition of sexy and sexuality. that's what i want most for the woman of the world; to find what they think is sexy, what turns them on personally and makes them feel unique and speical, not what society dictates.... if you want to read more on this topic go here.

so in that vein, i decided to wear my stripper fishnets in my own way: with my loves the Jeffrey Campbell underground boots, an H&M dress that i cut shorter, my DIY feather Doohicky, and all Mr. Kate jewelry: Glow Worm necklace in rose gold, etc.

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