quick wax fix from the australian bush

my friends haylie and jen made fun of me the other day for "living in the dark ages aka early 2000's" because i still get bikini waxes instead of laser! well, yes, i agree that the laserers give a compelling argument and as soon as i save up a couple thousand in cash money i will let someone lightsaber my Chewbacca...

but until that day, i still get bikini waxes from Jennifer at Wax on Melrose and in the in between time - i do it myself with Nad's strips! i have run the gamete with home waxing kits, i've done the microwave kind, the kind you heat up in water, blah blah and these Nad's Body Wax Strips are by far the best and easiest to use - and at around $14, they're easier on the wallet than salon prices!

tips (follow the instructions on the box - but here are some tips i recommend from my personal experience): 1. the body wax strips are easy to rip into smaller strips so you can be more, ahem, accurate (see photo above) 2. warm them a little by simply rubbing the strip between your hands and then peeling the two sides apart 3. use some baby powder to prep your skin and use the desensitizing cloths they include - you don't want excess moisture on your skin - do it before you shower 4. press down a couple times when the strip is on your skin to make sure it grabs all the hairs 5. keep your skin taught by pulling down while you pull the strip off - pull the strip close to your skin against the hair growth - it doesn't hurt that bad! swear! 6. clean off the excess wax by using one of the used strips to pull off the leftover wax and use the oil cloths they include - or your own body oil works as well - i use jojoba or coconut oil 7. use a tweezer to get any stubborn strays

good luck! remember, if you shave, it might hurt more at first but it gets easier and less painful each time!

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