Babyproofed & Decorated Family Room Before & After

I looove Sharzad of LuxLyfe and her adorable family (husband Michael and baby Idris) so of course I was thrilled when The Mom's View asked me to spruce up and babyproof their family room! All it needed was some pattern, color, DIY art and quick fixes to get this space looking amazing and of course functioning safely for toddler Idris.

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Before the room was very beige heavy and they had a lot of mirrors...


I used a blue, teal, yellow and metallic gold and silver palette to freshen up the space and a custom DIY large piece of art for the wall!


The floor lamps and tangled cords were baby hazards so...


I used a table lamp instead to offset the symmetry and wrangled the cords inside a ribbon hamper!




They needed a soft rug and some sort of coffee table...


So I picked a shag Moroccan trellis rug and brown tufted ottoman to be soft for baby Idris! And the tray is removable for drink/food placement when watching TV.

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DIY 'Baby Steps' Artwork



Baby Idris just recently took his first steps so I thought it would be fun to celebrate that with some modern, DIY, 'baby steps' artwork!

Prep It:






Do It!:

  1. Squirt the colors you want to use in separate paper plates.
  2. Dip the little walker's feet into a paint color and assist their steps across the canvas. Don't let them put too much weight on the canvas.
  3. Repeat as much as you like, wiping off the feet with paper towels or on the drop cloth between colors. Let dry.
  4. If you want to do a wash over the finished painting to tone down he stark white canvas, water down a charcoal colored paint and use your paint brush to sweep the wash over the completed baby steps!
  5. Hang up your new custom piece of artwork!
MrKate_TheMom'sView-21 MrKate_TheMom'sView-11 MrKate_TheMom'sView-13 MrKate_TheMom'sView-14 MrKate_TheMom'sView-15 MrKate_TheMom'sView-16 MrKate_TheMom'sView-30 MrKate_TheMom'sView-17 MrKate_TheMom'sView-31 MrKate_TheMom'sView-18 MrKate_TheMom'sView-19 MrKate_TheMom'sView-20 MrKate_TheMom'sView-34 MrKate_TheMom'sView-35 MrKate_TheMom'sView-25 MrKate_TheMom'sView-23

I used a dining room table runner on the media unit to add a baby proof decor accent of pattern to the large white surface.


A plant in the corner by the large light softens the metal and gives life to the corner by the toy baskets.

MrKate_TheMom'sView-28 MrKate_TheMom'sView-24 MrKate_TheMom'sView-32

Don't be afraid to mix patterns, colors and sheens!


And the family loves it which is the BEST PART!!!

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