sometimes you just need to stuff a chocolate chip mousse cookie sandwich in your mouth

and it's vegan!

today i was err, craving chocolate... ladies, who's with me!? so, i stopped at one of my favorite vegan-friendly eateries Mani's Bakery and bought 2 (cuz i knew joey would get jealous) Chocolate Chip Pecan Chocolate Mousse Sandwich Cookies... that might not be the official name but it's descriptive. supposedly it's fruit-juice sweetened, but the jury is still out on that one because it's so damn sweet and delicious... i'm guessing there's some pesky cane sugar hiding in there somewheres.

and what better place to curb your craving then on a random bus stop wearing a tutu... when in doubt, just wear a tutu people.... that may be my new mantra. the kick ass cane lady was perplexed, or jealous, i didn't ask.

last night we went out to vegan thai food with Ben, Kyle and Ethan and then went to see EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP..the Banksy documentary on street art and artists. it was SOOOO GOOD!! . i highly recommend. really inspiring. so i guess this post is my version of street art.

sidenote: the easiest scapegoat manicure besides the drippy french manicure is the dot. nothing distracts from chips like a black dot and it takes 2 seconds to apply... but you have to wait for it to dry otherwise you get streaky dots...above photo case in point.

bus stop duds: f21 tutu, burning torch wrap top, aldo shoes, huge key from my wall on a chain, all vintage bakelite rings and Mr. Kate buried treasure ring.

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