DIY what are these, props for a leprechaun?


WHAT ARE THESE...PROPS FOR A LEPRECHAUN? haaa, I couldn't help but reference Zoolander on this DIY beacuse we made leprechaun-sized, party photo props! Of course, this DIY is in honor of St Patrick's Day which is coming up (March 17th) and what better way to celebrate than to steal a leprechaun's tiny pot of gold and pose for a selfie!? Below, learn how to make your own lerprechan photo props and use them with friends, style them on your desk for some festive flair or, share them with a leprechaun! Happy wear green or get pinched day!aaleprechaunprops

Prep It:

  • construction paper in various colors
  • glitter paper
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • pencil
  • toothpicks
  • little jar and pom poms (for display)

leprechaunprops-3 leprechaunprops-4 leprechaunprops-5 leprechaunprops-6 leprechaunprops-7 leprechaunprops-8 leprechaunprops-9 leprechaunprops-10 leprechaunprops-11 leprechaunprops-12 leprechaunprops-14

Do It!:

  • Outline your leprechaun accessories onto your construction paper using a pencil - I drew: a top hat, eyebrows and soul patch, pot of gold, pipe, liquor bottle, shamrock and green lips
  • Cut out the props along the outline
  • Cut out and hot glue on glitter paper embellishments like a square for the liquor bottle label, a band for the top hat or the gold for your pot of gold.
  • Hot glue your props to toothpicks - remember to place the toothpicks to one side of some of the props to make them easier to hold for picture posing.
  • Display your props in a cute jar (I used green pom poms to raise up the bottom so the props would stick out) and enjoy!



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