stop, harem hammer time






can't touch this... okay, i'm dating myself. on to my problem, i'm addicted to online sales! the latest attack? urban outfitters convertible harem pants on sale for $14.99!! and then the not so on sale April Wedge lace-up from Topshop. the pants just came out of the delivery box and are oh so wrinkled, but soooo comfy! the shoes are amazing! i wore them with little green socks yesterday and can't wait to wear them with bell bottoms, they have a 70's/platform bowling shoe feel to me... addicteeeed

the hammer cuff is an older design of mine, but still one of my faves. i just updated it for my new collection with black rhodium plating, i love it!! i'm also now obsessed with wearing three of my cereal rings on one finger, it's a complete breakfast on my hand! i also have a collection of the mini cereal necklaces around my neck. i'm just testing different chains right now for the mini cereals but they will be in my shop soon.

outfit: urban convertible harem pants, topshop boots, street-bought heart glasses, mr. kate hammer cuff, black, gold and silver cereal ring, gold men's watch from ebay for $9.50, new open twig cuffs, nuts sporadic etc. chain as wrapped bracelet, twig rings in gold, silver and black silver, vintage rhinestone necklace, mini cereal necklace in 14k, silver and black silver.

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