tattoo debut: joey and kate


Joey and I recently decided to get tattoos together (done by my go-to guy and amaaaaazing tattoo artist Dr. Woo) to celebrate the very low key and under-the-radar (marriage - still getting used to the word) we did at the end of 2013 (see Resolutions). As promised in Pedro 2.0, here is the big reveal of our commitment tats! I got a bigger rock than any diamond I could ever wear and he got my puckered up lips!

My Tattoo: My rock, my gem - I drew this hand-cut looking gem that I got tattood on my pulse point of my right hand (I'm right handed) for a couple reasons....

1. I'm a jewelry girl (duh) but I'm not really a diamond ring girl. I like the freedom of being able to change my jewelry every day, depending on my mood and I didn't want something that I felt I had to wear every day. Thus, no ring but a permanent rock on my pulse point (thump thump) of my right hand so I can look at it every day. That way, when people ask "where's your ring?" (which they do a lot) I can say, "what ring, you mean my rock?" 2. Joey is my rock and my gem, he is my perfect perfect. 3. It's something I drew with my own hands (that Woo amazingly interpreted with his needle) so it's in keeping with the style of my other tattoos.

Joey's Tattoo: My kiss mark! I kissed a piece of paper wearing dark lipstick and then we came up with this idea to do an inverted kiss design because Joey liked the look of it being almost a logo within a square. He's branded with my DNA! Woo expertly transferred my kiss print onto Joey's arm and gave it a strong (and manly) box around it... it's Joey's first tattoo and he loves it!...or at least he says he does ; )

What do you think?


_DSC0632 _cb_DSC0620



_cb_DSC0615 _cb_DSC0609


Outfit Deets: Kate

Joey _DSC0635

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