we did it

today Joey and i went to the Do Something Awards... yes, it actually happened today unlike last week when we thought it was happening... it was truly inspiring! i've been meaning to volunteer for something and this definitely motivated me to do it sooner than later. joey and i were moved to tears. i was in the awards commentary for a flash saying something about Shakira, i'm not really sure what it was... but i loved Jane Lynch as the host and was most star-struck by Kathy Griffin, i love her...

in the photos Joey is Doing it by being a "good man" and i'm Doing it by posing by my Prius, which is one of the only Do Something good things i'm doing right now sadly (yes, it counts!)...that and sponsoring a child in Zambia through Children International (her name is Judith), donating a portion to charities that work to end violence against women and girls from the sales of my Screw You necklace, donating a portion to The Hunger Project from the sales of my Cereal - Food for Love pieces, re-using ziploc bags, recycling, crying at all the Sarah McLachlan sad animal commercials and having my happy wrinkles collection! i'll post more photos of my outfit when the red carpet photos are ready.

we then went and had Dior and beer.... i mean, beer and really good vegan sandwiches, mac and cheese and fries from Veggie Grill .

what do you guys do? please comment and let me know if there are any volunteer or charitable things you've done or can recommend to me!

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