what are you supposed to be part two (Halloween costume ideas)

as promised my friends! "what are you supposed to be part 2!" last year i drew some sketches of Halloween costume ideas that are quick, on-the-cheap and easy, check out what are you supposed to be part 1 for other ideas, i still like the Dust Bunny and Clean Coal. last year i ended up being a mystical Pan character at the last minute, i put everything together from stuff i had laying around the house and made my own ears and did crazy make-up (see it here) and the finished product here. so now it's time for the new batch of unique costume ideas for Halloween 2010 a la Mr. Kate! hope some of them are just what you're looking for or inspire other ideas! check out the details and the how-tos below...

usual question on Halloween: "what are you?" answer: "i'm in need of a razor ". such an easy costume! materials: 1. get 3 of those fake hair scrunchies from the drugstore or here for cheap! they have them in blonde, brown, black etc. they're usually to wrap around your ponytails (i know, lovely right?) 2. a pair of skin-color/nude drugstore nylons. put it together: wear a tank top and skirt or sleeveless dress and use safety pins to pin two of the hairy hair bands onto the area of the shirt or dress just under your armpits for the armpit hair. cut tufts of hair off of the third hairy hair band and use a hot glue gun to glue the tufts onto the nylons. you can also just use black liquid liner to draw leg hair onto your legs if you don't want to bother with the glue. use liquid liner to give yourself some nice chest and facial hair and voila! you need a razor grrrl!

inspired by this garbage bag outfit i made for painting which suddenly turned kinda chic when belted! in this case, you can use the tie from the garbage bag as a belt. materials: 2 large black garbage bags (preferably with draw-string ties), 1 pair of fairy wings i say get white or a color so the black trash bag stands out (online or local halloween store), 2 empty water bottles. put it together: use the first trash bag as your dress. cut a slit for your head in the bottom of the trash bag and slits for your arms along the sides. cut the drawstring off for a belt. take the second trash bag and cut a strip to tie as your headband or headscarf. then cut uneven strips and glue them in random places on the fairy wings, make sure to have some hanging off so you look like you've been dumpster diving. use the remaining pieces of trash bag to stuff in your boots, leave some hanging over the edges. use the drawstring from the second trash bag as the string for your water bottle scarf/necklace. tie the ends to the two empty water bottles and wear it like a lariat! trashy cute!

the green costume! make this the day of out of fresh fruit and veggies shown here with celery, cabbage and orange peels. could be for a guy too, get creative! materials:head or two of celery, head of cabbage, a couple oranges, base outfit of a tutu skirt and shirt, safety pins and twine. put it together: put on your base outfit. take apart the heads of celery to use as your skirt and wrap twine tightly around each stalk to create a belt of hanging celery. tie it around your waist and let it drape down your skirt with the leaves towards your feet. peel the two oranges and safety pin the orange peel pieces all over your shirt. take two large cabbage leaves and safety pin those onto your shoulders as your cabbage puff sleeves. use one more cabbage leaf as your hat, fasten with bobby pins or twine. you'll smell good, oxygenate your surroundings and have a snack for later!

remember all those Toyota recalls this past year?! well now there's a growing need for Recall Specialists could be really funny as an Egg Recall Specialist too! great for a guy or girl. materials: get a standard Doctors Costume (online, local halloween store), sharpie, Recall Specialist tools and accessories. put it together: draw in red sharpie the Toyota logo on your costume, maybe use a piece of tape or name tag and write "recall specialist" on it, if you don't want to tell people what you are. make your own accessories by carrying a handmade Toyota Manual, maybe a wrench, etc. help me Doctor, i drive a Prius!

yuk yuk, get it!? a great costume for a guy or girl. materials: you could get a store-bought angel costume, but it'd be easy to make by just wearing a flowy light-colored dress and cutting wings out of cardboard or white poster board. duct tape, wire or coat hanger and a sturdy headband, a sharpie, two belts. put it together: sketch the wing shape on the cardboard or poster board and cut it out with a scissor/knife/exacto/box-cutter. write "left wing" on the left wing and "right wing" on the right wing. tape the wings together with duct tape and then tape a belt to each wing to act as the shoulder straps for your wings. make the angel halo out of wire or a wire coat hanger and wrapping it around a headband. you can cover the halo with more duct tape for that silvery glow. tada! which way do you lean?

- hope you enjoyed these costume ideas! i probably won't dress up this year because i will be in a wedding on the 30th! if you end up using any of these ideas as your costume this year, i would love to see photos! -

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