why blog?

Well, I am at an interesting point in my life where I am "owning my shit," so to speak. I do a LOT of different things. I act, as Kate Albrecht, I design and make jewelry, as Kate MacKenzie, I produce and write, I photograph, I design and decorate, I cook, I exercise (sometimes obsessively), I am a girlfriend, sister, daughter, friend and cat mom. I always have so much to do, or that needs to get done, that sometimes I get overwhelmed and don't do anything but sit on the couch and watch whatever current Real Housewives is on. (don't end a sentence with a preposition)... I sit on the couch and watch the current Real Housewives episode. Do I aspire to reach the heights of the, reality-tv-drama, insult-slinging-madness, that I indulge myself in weekly? No. Am I proud of my guilty pleasures and thus passive condoning of seemingly destructive and exacerbating entertainment? No. Are actresses supposed to support reality tv? Heck no! Should a self-professed endorser of the smart/funny/sexy-girl-power-movement-that's-only-going-on-in-my-head, perpetuate stereotypes for mere amusement? Fuck no! But when I watch, I am a jewelry designer, or maybe a cat owner (cuddling with said fuzzy) or a girlfriend eating with a boyfriend after having been a cook. But I go to bed Kate and wake up Kate. So I seem to have danced around the question, much like I dance around in my life, but the question still remains; why blog... why would anyone care to read? My hopes are that by starting this "live journal," I can wrangle all the creative and mad aspects of my life and pen them together for once, in virtual text, picture, and video world. And that maybe, just maybe, I'll learn something about myself. I have managed to get myself onto myspace, two to be exact, and the facebook, oh yeah, two of those as well, and the twitter (which I love, don't think I'll give that up) and my jewelry website and my Etsy website, etc. And voila, I am doing the same thing online that I am doing in life, too many f'ing things! Hence, Welcome one and all, or one and no one to Mr. Kate; the arena, playground, debauched graveyard, of my everything. You want my designs and store, it will be served in the left hand column or under "shop." You want to see my latest acting pics or videos, please read and view my "blog" or "moving pictures." And if you want to see the visual and textual evidence of my creative, and presently confounding life, than please read and view my blog. Or don't. But from fashion and design to entertainment, socio/political/environmental, and even masturbation, I intend to cover it all! I set out to do this as an exercise for myself. To post the pictures that I spend time taking, to reference the countless things that give me inspiration, to gloat, to complain, to be narcissistic and equally self deprecating, but all the while, being Kate.

headshot photography Collin Stark mustache scribble by me.

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