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8_3_09_1 on the drive home from Vegas we encountered this road.... and were REALLY tempted to take it... some day we'll go on a tail-end-of-the-alphabet road-trip. on sunday i went to my favorite local flea market, the Melrose Trading Post, with Joey and my friends Dan and Rachel, who are re-decorating their apartment and employing (for no money, but lots of love) my interior design advice. CIMG0769 8_3_09_2 flea market moments... me next to an outfit i'm really glad i wasn't wearing on this 90 degree day (urban top, vintage purse, street-bought heart glasses, my hammer and nail earrings, screw you necklaces, buried treasure ring and nut etc. chain as bracelet), a lonely sad goat head (i couldn't look into it's plastic eyes, made me sad), amazing and awesome bass player (I put $1 in his happy birthday bag after snapping this pic), a very cool yellow bench made out of vintage chairs that Dan and Rachel purchased for their retro re-design. the craftsmen, who made the bench, snapped a pic of his happy customers. 8_3_09_3 the bench, in it's new home, we hung pics above but are soon going to paint the frames to fit in with our new color pallet (these are in-the-process pics, BEFORE and AFTER soon to come). frames laid out on the floor in a pleasing composition before they get hung on a picture/accent wall in Rachel and Dan's dining room....i would recommend this technique to anyone wanting to hang a bunch of pictures in a grouping: lay them all out on the floor in the arrangement that you want, then measure the height and width of the arrangement compared to the wall measurement and make sure it fits perrrrfectly, then hammer away! 8_3_09_4 my flea market purchases: love the soft tan leather mini backpack, i'll probably decorate it or paint it, 3 crop tops from my favorite girl at the flea market who alters vintage dresses and skirts and makes these shirts out of the softest fabric, white elastic waist skirt, blue short-in-the-front and long-in-the-back flowey tank top. Roxanne likes my purchases...guess i'll be sporting the cat hair look. my messy asymmetrical hair-do.

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