ye ol’ book worm

books are so great, right?! it took a little while for me to fall back in love with them after college (and all that required reading) but i'm back in bed with books. i really like to read books that educate me while keeping me entertained. however, that does not mean heady historical non-fiction, although maybe i'll delve there at some point, but for right now, i'm into a whole spectrum of books from The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (which i read over Thanksgiving and couldn't put down), to The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone, to now i'm reading The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials To Acheiving Success , as You Start, Grow, or Manage a Business by Martha Stewart.

i love Dan Brown's books because i feel as though i'm learning really interesting facts about religion, mythology, secret societies, etc. as i read The Da Vinci Code (still my fave), Angels and Demons and The Lost Symbol. The Kind Diet, which i know i've already blogged about at nauseam, is part informational and part cook book, and The Martha Rules has been the first business book that i find really easy to read, it energizes me to keep at my small business.

next on my list is Eating Animals, Save The Cat (a screenwriting book), and Committed, a book on marriage (about which i have my own rather non-traditional opinions...i'll probably write an essay here after i read the book) by Elizabeth Gilbert.

there is sometimes nothing better than snuggling with a good book, it's much less stimulating than TV and often more educational, inspiring and imagination evoking; i still remember the way i pictured Harry Potter before the movies came out!

what are your favorite books? please comment and tell me! i need more brain food!!

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