25 Interior Design DIYs

We're living in unprecedented times, with a global pandemic putting the lives we lead on hold and forcing everyone indoors for the greater good. Here in LA, we have a "Safer At Home" mandate that keeps us pretty much inside except for picking up essentials or taking walks/ runs. But! Being stuck at home doesn't need to mean being stuck. This is an amazing time to get in touch with your inner creative weirdo and to take all that pent up creative energy and all those ideas you've had out on the very four walls that contain you.

I've compiled 25 projects from our past videos and makeovers to inspire you to give your home and your creative side a little love! Watch the video above for more details, and check out pictures and links to all the projects below!

Paint Projects

1. Accent Wall

A simple project, but an effective one! This works best in rooms like bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms, and can be done in a bright color or something more neutral. As long as it makes an impact!

See more of this pink wall from PauTip's OMGWACO episode here!

This more neutral bedroom accent wall is from our recent OMGWACO episode with Jason Nash!

Here is a great dining room example from a makeover that was all about color!

And of course, our very own living room with a dramatic black accent wall!

2. Brush Stroke Wall

One of our most recreated and beloved DIY's, from Tati's Beauty Room Makeover. This project requires almost no technical skill to create a big impact!

Get the DIY steps here!

3. Minimalist Mountain Mural

Another wall idea that really doesn't require much technical skill, just some tape and some paint!

This geometric version was from our Under $1000 House Makeover.

Whereas this more freehand version was done by Jordan in our Design Vs. Design Kids episode!

4. Mudcloth Wall

Another popular DIY that is often recreated, this major statement of a mural originated in Mia Stammer's Boho Makeover!

Get the DIY steps here!

5. Drip Paint Wall

Who wants to get a little messy? Then this colorful and incredibly fun DIY from Jessie Paege's Rainbow Makeover is certainly for you. If you don't have the syringes we used at home, just improvise with cups!

Get the DIY steps here!

This technique was also used by Dalya in our Design Vs. Design Kids episode. She dripped paint down a door, as well, which was so creative and turned out amazing!

6. Lyric Wall

As seen in our bedroom makeover for Lilly Singh, this DIY idea doesn't need to just be for lyrics — any inspiring words would work!

Get the DIY steps here!

7. Monochromatic Wall

This one is near and dear to me ... quite literally near because it's just down the hall! I painted a subtle black tree over the gray walls in Moon's nursery for a more subtle mural.

8. Rainbow Mural

On the absolute other side of the spectrum is the most colorful wall mural we've done! This one is sure to bring some happiness into your home, which would be great during trying times like these.

Get the DIY steps here!

If you don't have all those paint colors, that's ok! As seen here in the Rainbow Baby Nursery Makeover, we created a rainbow with just a few hues.

This is a more mid-century modern take on the idea, as opposed to the traditional arch of the rainbow. It worked great in this Rainbow-Inspired Room!

9. Partially Painted Wall

Such a classic! As simple as this looks (and truly is), there is a specific technique to get your lines as crisp as possible, so make sure to read up on that before getting started!

As seen with a subtle gray in the Under $300 Bedroom Makeover!

Or a more colorful peach in PatrickStarrr's Beauty Room Makeover!

But if you're looking to get a little extra creative and a little extra weird with it, consider this diagonal version, a la the Under $300 Kids Room Makeover.

Or go all out and split your room into two tones! This is from one of my favorite makeovers, LaurDIY's Office!

10. Faux Marble

It's not just a trend! Marble is here to stay. So while you're stuck inside, why not master painting your own faux marble instead of trying to save up for the real thing?

Get the DIY steps here!

If you're feeling like you've mastered the art of the faux marble, think about taking it on as a mural, to get the same effect as seen in Alisha Marie's Bedroom Makeover!

DIY Projects

11. Fairy Twinkle Lights

Who doesn't love the extra glow from a set of twinkle lights? But instead of making your place look like Christmas came early, we have a few tricks to bring your lights to a new level.

I love to layer twinkle lights behind curtains, as seen in the recent OMGWACO with Jason Nash!

This makeover was dedicated to the amazing Fairy Light Canopy. Get the DIY steps here!

A different approach, that works better if you have the wired lights instead of the ones with a thicker cord, is to make use the lights to hang your photos! Get the DIY steps for this project here!

12. Decoupage Table Top or Art

A throwback for any old school Creative Weirdo! This project has taken on a few different forms over the years, since it has nearly endless creative potential.

Get the steps for this DIY here!

In the Under $300 Living Room Makeover, I used the same technique to make a wooden table top look like stone!

For the same room, I decoupaged this planetary wall art! Get the DIY step here!

13. Tufted Headboard

While these projects are a bit more ambitious, we all have the time ... and hey, you'll be creating something that you'll have and use for years to come? As I like to say: Why Not?

Get the DIY Steps for this Tufted Mermaid Shell Headboard here!

Get the steps for this Framed Pillows Headboard here!

14. Stuffed Animal Headboard

As seen in Molly Burke's Bedroom Makeover, this project is a little more out there ... but you can always use the frame idea above to create it in a smaller way!

Get the DIY steps here!

15. Faux Flowers

Another one of my favorite tricks! Flowers tend to show up in a lot of my projects — not only because I think they're beautiful, but because they bountiful creative capacity!

I love faux flowers so much, I decorated the entry room of the Mr. Kate office with them!

Get the DIY steps for this project here!

I've also used faux flowers to adorn the top of this teepee from this Bohemian Nursery Makeover.

As well as using them to create this floral nameplate art from the Rainbow Baby Nursery Makeover!

16. Paper Flowers

If you like the floral look but don't have any faux stems around, or are just looking for something a bit bigger ... consider this project from Adelaine Morin's Bedroom Makeover!

Get the DIY steps here!

17. Paper Makeup Face

On the topic of paper projects, this DIY from PatrickStarrr's Beauty Room has always been one of my favorites. If you're at home with roommates, friends, or family, this would be a great project to do all together!

Get the DIY steps here!

18. Palm Reading Art

Or, if you're inclined to make art inspired by a different body part, may I suggest this mystical, magical Palm Reading Art we did for Manny MUA's Living Room?

Get the DIY steps here!

19. Paint Dipped Art

This project is great if you have some wall art around the house that you're frankly tired of. Breathe new life into something a little stale with ... what else? Some neon!

Get the DIY steps here!

20. No Sew Throw Pillows

Since you're probably spending quite a bit of time lounging on the sofa or in bed, why not spruce up that space with new pillows? No sewing machine needed!

Get the DIY steps here!

Design Projects

21. Gallery Wall

If you've had some wall art or photos laying around and have never figured out what the right way to hang them is, now is the time! I have a Gallery Wall, 3 Ways video that spells out some tried and true methods for creating and hanging the perfect layout for you.

One of my firm rules for a gallery wall, as seen in all of these examples, is that you want to minimize the amount of photos of people used. Balance out your favorite picture with some art or more general imagery, so everyone knows what the main focus is and no one gets overwhelmed by the amount of eyes staring back at them from the wall.

22. Shelf Styling

What better time to get your shelfie just right? As with gallery walls, I have some go-to rules for shelf styling, which you should take a look at! Generally speaking though, I would say it's all about balance ... or lack there of. Play around with placement and don't keep things the same on every shelf!

23. Make Your Bed

I don't mean in the morning chore way! What I mean is that there's more to a bed than some covers and your sleeping pillows. Treat that space with some throw pillows (maybe DIY-ed ones?), a blanket, and some styling. It will be all the more rewarding when you arrive in your room to sleep to see your bed looking like something out of a hotel!

24. Decorating with Plants

Now, if you don't have plants, this isn't a reason to go out to the stores unnecessarily to buy them ... there are a lot of places that sell plants online, or you can just find a new place or way to display the plants you already have at home. Think about gathering them together ... and remember that smaller plants can make an impact too!

25. The Pillow Karate Chop

Last but far from least ... this move has been implemented in just about every single room makeover I've ever done. Bring your pillows back up to form by giving them a swift karate chop on top. It helps them stand better, look fuller, and be just way more appealing than if they were squished and limp. Try it now and thank me later!

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