Bedroom on A Budget!: Room Makeover for Less Than $300

By this point, you guys know me. You know I love to shop. Whether that shopping is online or through an antique shop with another YouTuber, there is just nothing quite so fun as finding the pieces that will come together to create a perfect space.

For this episode of Mr. Kate Decorates, I wanted to give myself a challenge — 1 day to shop and only $300 to spend. Many people who watch my channel are busy and on a budget and they should have beautiful rooms, too! So, with Joey as my partner in crime/ vlog camera man, and some upcycling up my sleeve, I was able to turn this near-empty bedroom into a sophisticated pad on the cheap!

Watch the video above and check out the before-and-after pictures, below!

Recognize the room-defining effect of my fave DIY, the Half-Painted Wall?! Tip for budget statement art: Buy a canvas print at a thrift store and give it a minimalist makeover by painting it over in black (or white), and painting a one- or two-tone abstract design! Even though this dresser was in the room before, we gave it new life with a fresh coat of paint and some cool DIY Polygon Drawer Knobs! Awh! Alex, our room makeover recipient, absolutely loves her new space! She says it feels like home.

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