DIY Acrylic Frame, Calendar and Whiteboard

2017, here we come!

Each new year is amazing because it represents a fresh, clean new beginning — and there is nothing fresher or cleaner than a classic, clear acrylic frame!

This DIY, a "frameless" frame, so to speak, is a great way to display prints or other things you'd like to write on, since the acrylic also acts as a whiteboard! For this video, we framed a Mr. Kate 2017 Calendar (which comes with a free, downloadable 13-page version too!), using it as our welcome card to a new year, and some productive, yet pretty new home decor.


Prep It:

2 acrylic sheets, cut to the size you need - the Mr. Kate Art Print calendar is 16" x 20" so if you are framing that you'll want a 20" x 24" piece of acrylic. Mr. Kate 2017 Calendar Power drill Acrylic drill bit Ruler Marker Standoffs


Do It!:

  1. The first step to creating this DIY is to place your print on the covered sheet of acrylic and decide where you want it to sit, most likely centered. You'll want this in place before you decide the placement of your standoffs so there is no risk of overlap!
  2. Speaking of, take a ruler and measure in your desired distance from each corner, marking where your standoffs should be placed.
  3. Keep the cover on the acrylic sheet and drill your holes for the standoffs. It's important to keep the sheet on, so as to prevent the acrylic from splintering. Also, I recommend placing something you don't mind drilling into beneath the acrylic sheet, like a spare piece of wood. The sheet is thin, so it would be easy to accidentally keep drilling into the table below!
  4. Now, place your drilled piece of acrylic over the second, lining them up. Use a pencil or marker to trace through the circles of the holes onto the bottom piece.
  5. If you find it easier, mark the center of each circle traced onto the bottom piece. If not, just go ahead and drill your 4 holes into the bottom piece, as well!
  6. Remove the covering from both sheets of acrylic. Center the print on the bottom sheet of acrylic, using glue dots if needed to keep it in place. (Since this side will be to the wall, no one will ever see!)
  7. Place the top piece back on, and put the screw tops of the standoffs through the holes.
  8. As far as screwing the standoffs to the wall, there are two ways to go about it! You could measure the distance between the standoffs on the frame, and use that to plan out your wall placement. Or, before putting the print sandwich together, you could hold one acrylic sheet up to the wall and trace through the holes, indicating where the wall pieces should go.
  9. Drill in the wall pieces of the standoffs, then screw on the acrylic frame!
  10. Once on the wall, you can use dry erase markers to write on your calendar, or switch it out for a different print or next year's calendar whenever you like!


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