DIY Embellished Camera / Purse Strap

Here's a truth about being a YouTuber who makes vlogs: you're always carrying your camera! Since this device is so often a part of my daily outfit, I wanted to create a convertible strap for it that was every bit the accessory as say, a piece of Mr. Kate jewelry.

It only took some rhinestones, some sewing, and a handy set of carabiners to DIY a strap that brings that much-needed pizzazz to any camera or purse! Check out the video above and the step-by-step tutorial below!



Prep It:

Guitar strap Needle Upholstery thread Crystals or flat-back rhinestones E600 glue Carabiners

guitar-strap-still_01 guitar-strap-still_02 guitar-strap-still_03

Do It!:

  1. Place your crystals on the guitar strap and play around with finding a pattern. Once you've got them arranged how you would like them, take a picture for reference!!
  2. Thread your needle, and working one crystal at a time, sew through the backing to adhere it to the strap. If there is no backing to sew through, use E6000 (or similarly strong) glue to attach the crystals. If you take the glue approach, let dry!
  3. Use carabiners to attach your bedazzled strap to a camera, a purse, or whatever item you want a beautiful new strap for!






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