DIY Pastel Unicorn Christmas Tree

Traditionally, Christmas or holiday trees are a regal and vibrant shade of green (from the farm or from the store), decorated with lights and ornaments and garlands full of cheerfulness and spirit. But, this is a Mr. Kate holiday video you're about to watch, and I definitely used a lot of my signature #whynot for this winter project.

For example: #whynot make a unicorn tree? What could be better than paying homage to my (and many others') favorite mystical, majestic creature with a rose gold tree full of whimsical DIYs and magic?

Luckily, I happen to know a unicorn who was available to help me film this video too! Watch me and my horned friend above, and check out the steps for this tree below!


Prep It:

Rose gold tree Unicorn horn Colored fairy lights DIY Unicorn Ornaments DIY Holographic Snow Ornaments DIY Feather Twinkle Lights


Do It!:

  1. First things first, assemble your tree!
  2. To add the unicorn horn tree topper, hold the horn in front of the tallest, top branch of the tree and use a string of colored fairy lights to wrap around, keeping it upright. Not only will your horn tree topper shine extra bright, but you can use extra length from the lights to start lighting your tree!
  3. Create your feather lights with some hot glue and this tutorial, then string them down and around the tree! If you already started on the top with the colored lights, pick up where you left off with the feathered ones! Unicorn trees, just like unicorns, are each unique! There is no such thing as perfection.
  4. DIY your ornaments with the tutorials for the Unicorn BeautyMarks Ornaments and Holographic Snow Ornaments, then decorate the tree with your new masterpieces!
  5. Add on any other ornaments, tinsel, or garland that you think would make your tree complete! Then sit back and admire your amazing holiday display! So magical!

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