Mr. Kate Web Show: Trip to Animal Acres

i'm thrilled to share this episode of the Mr. Kate Web Show (from Big TV) with you! i love Animal Acres and have posted about them before. it's a wonderful farm sanctuary where they rescue farm animals and give them a happy home to work as ambassadors to educate people about the other millions of farm animals who don't get to be so lucky and live in horrible conditions. it's a fun and informative video and you get to see up close, some really cute (and huge) animals!... it also just so happens to be Vegetarian Month this month and Meatless Monday today!

this is by no means meant to be a vegan propaganda video, i just wanted to do an webisode about factory farming because i think it's important we are all aware. whether you choose to eat meat or dairy is up to you but being aware of where your food comes from is a right that everyone should have.

the pigs and turkeys you see in the video have all been genetically mutated to grow huge, super fast, so they can be slaughtered at 6 months of age. the pigs are bred to have pink skin because the darker skin is less appetizing and they suffer a myriad of health conditions because of their large size. Jimmy The Snout was thrown in a dumpster as a piglet because he was born with a crooked snout and therefore didn't fit the specs of a perfect 'looking' pig and was left to die before someone rescued him and brought him to Animal Acres. the turkeys are bred to be all white and have extra large breasts (kinda like Hollywood) and are kept in horrible conditions before slaughter.

the baby cows in the video are all males that were rescued from the dairy industry. the dairy industry keeps the cows pregnant so they continue to produce milk and the male calves are sent to be slaughtered for veal. Peanut, Oreo and Cocoa were found on the side of the road because they were too weak and sickly for slaughter so they were thrown out. you might wonder why there are goats there but goat meat is actually the number one most consumed meat in the world!!! crazy, right? so yeah, if you live anywhere near a Farm Sanctuary, i encourage you to visit the animals and learn more.

read more here and see more pics from the shoot day here.

for more info on the health benefits of a plant-based diet, i highly recommend the documentary Forks Over Knives - currently available on Netflix too!

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