My Skincare Routine!

Being a YouTuber, interior designer, jewelry designer, business lady boss, and cat mama is a lot of work ... but none of it would work if I didn't put the fundamental steps of self-care into my everyday routine. That starts with a kitty cuddle, a cup of coffee, and my tailored-to-me beauty routine.

As I express in the vlog above, skin care is all about doing what's best for *your* skin at *your* age. Each phase of life, and each person's complexion, brings with it its own unique set of needs. I'm not at all about appearing younger because I think our society places an obscene amount of pressure on women to age backwards and that is, literally, impossible. So I like to love myself and just focus on being as healthy as possible at whatever age I am. I just turned 34 BTW!

I'm listing the products I use and give my full recommendation to below, but consult a dermatologist and do skin assessments to specify your own beauty needs!

The basics:

Evan Healy Rose or Lavender Cleanser: This cleanser is for all skin types, but having dry skin, I really like its hydrating qualities. It also has 100% pure lavender, chamomile and rosemary essential oils, so it smells *amazing.* Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush: These little gadgets are already pretty popular for their gentle exfoliating, but little know fact: they also are great for your skin's collagen levels! By agitating the collagen layer, the brush encourages your skin to replenish that little miracle worker, which keeps your skin fresh and bouncy. Evan Healy Hydrosol Lavender Mist: Another hydrating step! This mist, which also smells like lavender oil heaven, is just a quick, light way to restore some moisture to your skin after washing it. No7 Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION Serum: Serums are kind of the new miracle drug of skin care (except they actually work.) They usually perform multiple actions, like this composition that evens my skin tone, keeps it firm, and reduces wrinkling. Prescription Retin A Micro: Prescribed to me by my dermatologist, I use only the tiniest bit of this twice a week. It fights breakouts and keeps acne or blemishes at bay! NeoStrata Intensive Eye Therapy: Being a busy lady, my eyes are the first area of my face to show signs of stress or tiredness. This eye cream can lift and hydrate my undereye area, which is perfect for days when I'm looking a little puffy. Erbaviva Chapstick: If you couldn't tell already, hydration is a big thing for me, and this balm is natural and super gentle (it can be used with babies!) It also doubles as a cheek balm if you want to spread the moisturizing love. No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15: I live in sunny Southern California, so I won't leave the house without SPF ever! This also happens to work as a sheer, light foundation that sets up my makeup routine perfectly!

Skincare Steps:

  1. I start both AM and PM skincare routines with a wash! I use the Sonic Cleansing Brush with the Lavender Cleanser. At night, I will wash my makeup off first before this step.
  2. After washing my face, I'll spritz some Hydrosol all over and pat it in lightly until dry. Can't go wrong with extra hydration!!
  3. Serum time! I use my serum all over my face and also on my neck and chest. It's evening and anti-aging properties are beneficial for all areas! I apply the serum with my fingers and rub in like a moisturizer.
  4. Twice a week, at night, I use a Retin A Micro that was prescribed to me by my dermatologist. I only use the tiniest drop, and often will mix it with at thick face cream (like the Evan Healy Blue Chamomile Cream) to prevent the pealing that sometimes happens as a side effect.
  5. If my eyes need a little extra love, I will apply an eye cream with my 4th finger to my undereye area — dabbing it on gently until it feels rubbed in.
  6. The last step to any AM skin care routine is SPF! If I am going to wear makeup, I will use a foundation that has SPF in it to get full coverage both in color and protection! I also love the Neova DNA Damage Control SPF45 on days I know I'll be spending more time in the sun.

I will make a separate post for the full how-to for my makeup look, but for the sake of this post, here are the products I used to create it! Pixi Rose Oil Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Light Warm Beauty Blender No7 Bronzer in Caramel No7 Blush in Apricot Blossom Smashbox Lid Primer Tweezerman Eyelash Curler ColourPop Highlight in Lunch Money Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder ColourPop Eyeshadow Palette Givenchy Mascara No7 Lipstick in Soft Ruby

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