MyLifeAsEva's Minimalist Beachside Bedroom

In it's short, but well-decorated life, OMG We're Coming Over has been to a drag queen loft, a hotel-esque boudoir in the heart of DTLA, even to the moon! But with the amazing Eva (aka: MyLifeAsEva), we brought this series to the one place it hasn't been yet — the beach!

A surfer girl, both literally and at heart, Eva wanted her beachside bedroom to have that breezy, bohemian aesthetic, but retain a clean minimalism that would allow her to swap out seasonal colors and decor. With white walls and not too much color, a majority of the design could focus on natural textures (like in this beautiful custom bed made with 100-year-old reclaimed wood!), and calming vibes.

Check out this super fun, super-sized episode above, and peek at the before and after pics and shopping carousel below!

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