New Wood Flooring for the Master Bedroom! | OMG We Bought a House

OMG!! Even though the title of this episode (the penultimate episode of the series!) of OMG We Bought A House is "We Did This Wrong," when it comes to the new floors in our master bedroom, we did this so right!!

Ever since we moved into this house 5 years ago, the red shiny wood floors in the bedroom were always on the top of my list to renovate. I'm so glad we finally did! These new white-washed wood floors give the room a beachy, serene vibe that is exactly what I hoped for. Check the before and after pictures out below and watch the episode above!

The room when we first moved in!! All green and red! It's barely recognizable! This is how our bedroom has looked for the past five years, making the best of the bright red floors! But now ... it's time for them to go! Before you install new floors, use a moisture tester to make sure that there won't be too much moisture underneath the wood planks, which would cause them to swell and buckle. With the proper knowledge and equipment, installing your own floors is definitely possible! After moisture testing, the next step is to dry fit your floors, making a layout and cutting any pieces down to fit into the little nooks and crannies where necessary!

Then, you'll apply vapor blocking glue over the subfloor and place your new flooring down onto that, making sure the pieces fit into place with each other using the grooves on the ends. Lastly, use a soft mallet to get those wood pieces nice and snug and secure in the glue! Watch the video for more directions, and of course, consult a professional before installing any floors yourself!

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