OMG We're Coming Over: Studio Apartment Design for Joslyn Davis!


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Well wasn't this the OMG We're Coming Over opportunity! When Joey and I showed up to the apartment of the infectiously effervescent and hilaaarious Joslyn Davis from Clevver Style ... we found out it was empty! ...except for a handy Murphy wall bed she had installed.

Talk about a blank space! Making over Joslyn's space presented very common scenarios in the interior design game: starting from scratch, and dividing an open space like a studio into separate areas that still felt cohesive. But if there's anything we love, it's a challenge (and a big, fluffy rug — which this episode did not disappoint on either.)

Check out this fresh and fun episode above, and make sure to see the incredible before and after shots of the space below! I hope you get some helpful tips for your small spaces or studios and as always, ask me whatever in the comments section or on the Mr. Kate 'Talk' forums! xo


Design Challenge: Set up this petite studio apartment to be a peaceful place for Joslyn to unwind while also providing seating and sophistication for her to entertain... and not have it feel like she was inviting people into her bedroom.

5 Tips for Studio Apartment / Small Space Interior Design:

  1. Wall bed - Joslyn had a queen sized wall bed aka Murphy bed installed as soon as she rented the studio because her parents have one and she knew it would function well in the room. Which it does! It's so nice to be able to fold the bed away during the day and convert the apartment into a spacious living space.
  2. Full sized furniture in a small space! A lot of people fall into the trap of buying small things for a small space, when really that can dwarf a room even more. It's within reason of course, because as you can see, we could only fit a small dining table in the room, but the couch and side chairs, coffee table, TV sideboard, etc. are all "normal" sized items which makes the room feel welcoming and appropriately furnished.
  3. Cohesive and calm color palette. Since the studio is only one room plus a kitchen, I kept the color palette the same in both spaces so they would flow. Joslyn wanted neutral with some soft color and a pale blush pink was the perfect accent color to bring in some feminine sophistication. Notice the accent color repeated throughout in the DIY brush stroke art, throw pillows, table-top accessories and painted plant pots.
  4. Plants! Bring life and zen to any space and the plant stands bring up the height of the smaller pots so you can get the look of taller plants without spending the extra money for more mature plants.
  5. A mix of elements. Notice how there is upholstered furniture with a stone-top coffee table, glass topped dining table with wood legs combined with metal chairs and furry seat covers, fabric curtains, glass accents in the bar, etc. Basically a nice mix of textures brings such a complexity to a space so your eye has lots of richness to take in. You don't need to pair all glass furniture together, etc. and especially in a small space. Add layers and subtle contrast to your designs and you won't be disappointed.
MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4691MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4705Graphics_BeforeAfterMrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4502MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4817 MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4493MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4768MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4511MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4773MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4495MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4708MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4669 MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4670MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4792MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4747MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4745MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4769MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4713

Get the DIY for this mercury glass technique plus 49 more DIY projects in A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty Projects!

MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4710 MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4737MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4744MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4757MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4698MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4753MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4715MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4776MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4813MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4808MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4804MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4690MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4689MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4687MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4694MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4686MrKate__OMGWACO_Joslyn_Blog-4814

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