Mystical Glam Living Room/Office Interior Design for Manny Mua!

The best kinds of room makeovers feel kind of like magic. So, when my friend Manny Gutierrez aka Manny MUA (make-up artist) invited us to decorate his open living room/office in his newly purchased Los Angeles, Spanish style home, I knew I would have to dive deep into my book of spells to create the perfect mystical, masculine meets feminine, cozy chic space for him.

Watch this bewitching episode above, and check out all the before and after pictures below (perfect for pinning!) P.S. Shopping links for the room are at the bottom of the post!

mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-171mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-90mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-188mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-58mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-84mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-97mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-134mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-78 mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-63mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-67mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-54mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-61mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-50Incorporating Manny's signature crescent moon with this DIY bedazzled moon pendant (see the DIY here), with bold black walls in the office, luxe textures, metallics, and plenty of light colors to offset the dark, we (witch)crafted a most juxtapositional glam room!mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-31graphics_beforeafter-1280x256mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-21mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-159mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-19mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-76mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-149mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-2mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-45 mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-96mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-101mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-52mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-77mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-64mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-153mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-155mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-125mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-147mrkate_omgwaco_manny_blog-29


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