Shopping for Grace, Hannah and Mamrie's Office Makeover!

I hope Grace, Mamrie, and Hannah are enjoying their new Pinterest-perfect office space, because I will tell you, this was one of the most challenging designs yet!!

Not only was the large size and bright red brick walls of their office intimidating, but I had to channel the personalities of three amazing, inspiring women who all had their own tastes! It's always an exercise in balance and compromise when designing a shared space, but this one was fortunately really fun and ultimately a "slam dunk" in the words of Mamrie!

Come along for the shopping and planning adventure in the video above and check out the moodboards (also Pinterest perfect!) and more behind-the-scenes pictures below.

A lot of the design of the room was planned around the vibrant brick walls that comprised half of the main room. I needed to draw away from that deep red with pastels and light, airy decor. This was also a great time to be able to flex my quirky side by bringing in individualized pieces and accents with humor for these funny ladies.

As you can see from the floor plan, the office is super long! Much like Tati's glam room, which was also very long, it was important to break the room up into different functional areas that each had their own complete vibe and set up.

We also couldn't ignore the little room at the end! We made this room that was their conference space into a dressing room!

The shopping board! Shop these items in the carousel below!

When Grace requested a barber chair, we immediately hit Craigslist and ended up with this complete find! Vintage and in really good condition! I just wasn't sold on the yellow.

The chair also had this little cut on top, which sealed my decision to get it reupholstered ... but with what?!

So many options at the fabric store! It's important when you're reupholstering something like a chair that will get a lot of traffic to use upholstery fabric, since it is more durable and will hold up better over time.

The final choices!

Annnnd ... the winner! A lovely raspberry velvet, chosen to complement the baby blues and pinks of the sofa and lounge chairs.

Hey, it also kind of matches my hair!

Success! Grace loves it!

I was a public menace wielding a cart this full through Target!! But there were lots of smaller accessories to get to fill up Hannah's kitchen set up ... and who can resist a rose gold rattlesnake? Not this girl.

Thrift store goodies to complete Hannah's kitchen and Mamrie's bar with one-of-a-kind panache! Mamrie also died for these vintage acrylic grapes. I mean, how could you not?!

Meanwhile, our office was box city! All of the items you saw on the shopping board are here, just waiting to be unveiled!

The girls already had such great style that I was able to snag some of the existing items in their office to incorporate into the final design. That gold table is next to Grace's chair, and the blue cart is now in the dressing room!

I even spy a pre-makeover Brontosaurus in there!

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