Shopping for Jessie Paege's Colorful Apartment Makeover

The great part of being an interior designer/decorator/creative weirdo is that you get to be renewed and re-inspired with each client you work with, understanding and incorporating their personal style into the space. The even greater part of being an interior designer who works with YouTubers ... well these people in particular have a lot of personality to work with!

Jessie Paege's aesthetic was a ton of fun to work with, and gave me a chance to get bright and colorful like I hadn't before. How much color is too much color? No such thing! Shopping for her room enabled me to throw caution to the wind and throw only the most colorful items into my cart.

But! Before we get to the moodboards & more ...

... a big thanks to YWCA for being the recipients of our final #mrkate1million charity check!! Although, we're thinking about continuing to give every 100,000 new subscribers up to 2 million! Since we made it to the big mil, we were beyond thrilled to deliver this money (on behalf of all of you!) to an organization that empowers women in every condition and in every country. Our hearts were full of love!!

As you can see from the moodboard for Jessie, bright colors and nontraditional design were big influences. I had to find a way to make fun the outstanding ambience, while still providing an inhabitable space that functioned for her needs (which included filming — a lot of her videos take place in her apartment!)

The shopping board for Jessie's pretty rainbow pad. I had to make sure almost every color of the rainbow was present and accounted for ... and these were only the online purchases!

Shop Jessie's room:

Since Jessie's room was so large and open, this floor plan was key to making sure the items we ordered online would be the right size for the room! We didn't want a dining table that would be awkwardly too small or some lounge chairs that would dwarf the sofa. It's all about proportions!

For reference, the colors we chose were Rose Reminder and Fresh Apricot for the walls!

The colors come to life in the DIY Rainbow Drip Paint Wall.

The same colors being used to make a enormous emoji in the DIY Rainbow Mural Wall!

More DIY supplies! Canvas shopping for the Minimalist Mermaid Art, as seen below.

Faux flowers for the Piñata Planters!! So perfect for Cinco de Mayo, or just for the person who likes their life to look like a party.

Vianne and I mixing up some colors and painting crates for the DIY Colorful Crate Wall!

A little behind the scenes of what it takes to pull together one of these makeovers ... a lot of organization! Down to every single purchased item getting its own numbered label!

Jessie loves her giant slinky!!! ... and so do I 🌈🌀😉

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