Upcyl'd Mini: Neon Dipped Art

When some thrift store art comes along, you must dip it!

DIY words to live by, people!! We've all seen those pictures of dipped art on Pinterest, likely pinned them, but never got around to figuring out how to take that idea off the computer screen and into our space. Well, for this Upcycl'd Mini, we did!

This upcycling project shows you how to get that "dipped" effect without finding a tub deep and wide enough to accommodate a standard-sized painting (how messy!). There are so many old still life or landscape prints to be found at the thrift store or flea market and this DIY will make them fun and hip again!

Check out the Upcycl'd Mini episode above, and see the step-by-step instructions to upcycle your old or thrifted paintings below!


Prep It:

Framed thrift store art Painters tape White acrylic paint Neon acrylic paint Paintbrush

MRKATE_Neon_Art_DIY_Blog-8268MRKATE_Neon_Art_DIY_Blog-7819 MRKATE_Neon_Art_DIY_Blog-8272MRKATE_Neon_Art_DIY_Blog-8279

Do It!:

  1. Think about where you'd like your color blocked line to be on the piece of art. I followed the golden rule and made mine about 2/3 of the way down, but you could go 5/6 of the way down, almost all the way to the top, or straight in the middle. Whatever works best for your chosen artwork!
  2. Tape across the art at your chosen place. Make sure to tape straightly (use a pencil to make marks or a line first if that's helpful), and press down to make sure the tape is tight to the art. You want a clean line when you paint!
  3. If you have a deep or dark colored piece of art, first paint your color blocked section with white. This will provide a clean, bright base for your neon, and give it that truly "dipped" appearance.
  4. Once your white paint is dry, paint with your neon color. You might need to do a few coats — I had to do three! — but make sure that you're painting with even, vertical strokes!
  5. Let your paint dry, remove the tape, and voila! You just upcycl'd your way to a totally Pinterest-perfect piece of home decor!
MRKATE_Neon_Art_DIY_Blog-8282 MRKATE_Neon_Art_DIY_Blog-8284MRKATE_Neon_Art_DIY_Blog-7823MRKATE_Neon_Art_DIY_Blog-7827

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