Bouquet of the Month: But First, Cacti


It's August, and it's hotter than a prickly cup o' coffee!

So, for August's bouquet of the month, I'm setting aside the colorful blooms in favor of something a little more ... bristly. Cacti are having quite the it-plant moment right now, and I can't complain! Not only does each little plant come in its own unique shape, but these babies are desert residents, built by nature to withstand dry and arid conditions. The only way things can go wrong is if you water them too much — so friends who never remember to water your plants, these are for you!

I picked up some little cacti from Trader Joe's (though any nursery or plant shop should have them!) and potted them in vintage Turkish tea cups to make the presentation, well, a present!


Prep It:

Mini cacti Potting soil (Optional) Cooking tongs Turkish tea cups or other decorative glasses


Ouch! I realized fingers weren't the way to go (and dropped one on the floor) so that's why I grabbed the cooking tongs!MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-14

Do It!:

  1. Remove your mini cacti from their plastic pots using your fingers, or the tongs for the really spiky ones and place it inside the tea cup.
  2. If needed, use additional potting soil to fill up and around the base of the cacti and voila!
  3. Arrange in a cute row on a mantle or table centerpiece or a solo one as a desk accessory!
MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-17MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-19MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-22MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-23MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-25mrkate_handlettering_cacti MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-31MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-32MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-7653MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-7674MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-7636MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-7656MrKate_Bouquet_of_The_Month_Cacti_Mini-7638

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