DIY color lined clutch

This is a great DIY to upcycle any old purse or clutch you have hanging around. I love the subtle pop of color created by painting the lining of the top flap. Do this on any bag that has a flap and use any color paint! I chose turquoise because it's one of my favorite colors and I like how it looks with the black purse and gold hardware… it totally transforms the clutch in an unexpected way! This would even be cool to do to a wallet!

…because #whynot !?

Prep It:
  • clutch or purse or wallet
  • white acrylic paint
  • turquoise acrylic paint (or the color of your choice)
  • foam brush
  • painters tape
  • *acetone (nail polish remover) - this is only necessary if the inside flap is leather. Apply the acetone with a cotton ball to prep the leather for the paint and it will adhere better with no peeling. Refer to this painted purse DIY for more info on acetone prep. If the inside flap is fabric then skip the acetone.

  1. cover any areas of the purse you dont want to paint with painters tape
  2. **if inside flap is leather, prep for paint with acetone on cotton ball. see above in Prep It for more info or click here.
  3. paint the inside flap of the clutch with white paint (about 2 coats) - this will make the color really pop. let dry.
  4. paint over that with your color of choice (about 2 coats). let dry
  5. pack it and clutch it!

More purse DIYs: DIY Painted Clutch and DIY Nail Polish Splattered Clutch

Outfit Deets:
  • shirt: Forever 21
  • shorts: vintage
  • shoes: Balenciaga
  • jewelry: Mr. Kate Fin Necklace, Creon Ring, Bow Ring and old Ana Sui snake ring

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