DIY: futuristic fairy costume

This is about as close as I get to a "slutty" halloween costume. I know many ladies enjoy the Halloween holiday to dress up like a Sexy Piece of Pizza (no, seriously that exists, click on the link!) but I usually find myself looking anything but sexy…see our Breaking Bad costumes from last year or DIY dust bunny. This Futuristic Fairy Costume (totally made it up but I'm sure fairies will exist in the future) has some sexy elements and a lot of the DIY techniques I used can be applied to other costumes. I loved making my own wings from the plastic glitter branches! Watch the video above for the full tutorial!

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DIY Fairy Wings Prep it:
  • sturdy bra with thick straps
  • masking tape - preferably in the color of your bra
  • glitter branches (I found mine at Michael's craft supplies near the faux flowers)
  1. use the masking tape to attach the stems of the glitter branches to the back or the bra. tip: tape on one branch at a time and tape down onto the horizontal strap of the bra for extra stability.

Hair Charms - see this OOTD where I'm also wearing Charmsies in heart shapes Shop Hair Charmsies here Prep it:
  • hair charmsies
  • hair straightener/flat iron
  • hair brush
  1. grab a lock of hair and brush out the tangles
  2. peel the white backing off the clear sheet with the charmsies and place the clear sheet on your lock of hair
  3. use the straightener to press the clear sheet onto the hair, make sure you don’t hold for too long, just a couple seconds as you go down the length of your hair
  4. slowly pull the plastic sheet off – I found it worked best starting at the top and peeling down

Glitter Eyeliner - also see my DIY glitter eyeshadow to make your own! Prep it: DO IT!:
  1. apply the liner along your lash line or all over your lid. tip: wait for it to dry a few seconds before you fully open your eyes so it doesn't get on your upper lid

Outfit Deets:

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