DIY glitter labels

When you do a lot of DIY projects, which I do, you accumulate a lot of supplies! The key is to stay organized! In the Mr. Kate office, we've found that the easiest way to stay organized is to use these clear plastic tubs that are easy to find at Target, Kmart, The Container Store, etc. but we wanted some cute labels that were big enough to list all of the content in the box. So duuuh, we had to make our own! These glitter labels don't have to just be used for DIY supplies, try them for any organization/labeling application.

While shopping for stuff at Michael's we stumbled upon the glitter card stock which we also used for the DIY Fall Selfie Wall, and I thought it would be the perfect highlight to make our organization labels a shiny, style statement. Of course you can't write on glitter paper so I layered over a piece of printed card stock and finally a plain piece of cardstock so we could list all of our precious supply items. See the full how-to below.

Prep It:
  • glitter card stock from the craft store - you can try making your own like I did with the DIY Glitter Art
  • printed card stock - I used polkadot print from the craft store
  • white card stock
  • glue - I used the eco friendly Glu6 that is made from recycled styrofoam!
  • scissors
  • pen or marker

  1. cut your glitter card stock in squares or rectangles to fit on your storage boxes
  2. cut the printed card stock a little smaller to leave a border of glitter and cut your white card stock even smaller to leave a border of print and glitter
  3. glue all your paper layers together in size order
  4. list your box items using a pen, marker or pencil if you want to be able to erase
  5. glue the labels onto your boxes or use double-sided tape if you want to be able to remove them later

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