DIY Macrame Cat Toy

We cat owners truly believe that our children kitties deserve the best. No store bought cat towers or scratchers or toys here! Only DIYs made from our #creativeweirdo imaginations and endless resources of pet love.

Aside from the A-list treatment, another plus side to DIY-ing for your cats is that you get to decide how everything looks. A lot of cat toys from the store come in primary colors that are hard to work subtly into your home's aesthetic, so for this DIY I decided to take a much more bohemian approach to this cat-owner staple. Check out the supplies and how-to below!

Prep It!:

Twine Peacock feathers Assorted smaller feathers Pom poms Wooden beads Scissors Thread Needle

Do It!:

  1. I think it's helpful to start building around the peacock feather, since it is the largest and more structural element of your cat toy. Tie and wind your twine up the quill of the feather. From there you can either decide to create a looped or braided handle, like I did, or you can let this be the handle of your toy. It can sometimes help to secure the twine with a little dab of glue, to make sure it's extra secure, so don't skip that if you think your toy needs a little adhesive reinforcement!
  2. From this base, tie and add on other braided twine pieces, and baubles made of the pom poms, wooden beads, and feathers.
  3. You can use a thicker yarn needle to sew the twine through the pom poms, or use a smaller needle and thread to sew some of the accessories on.
  4. Once you're done, hang your new toy up! Let your guests and your pets enjoy this new, cute DIY toy.

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