DIY Minimalist Vanity Mirror

Have you ever wondered why vanity mirrors are often so small? The purpose of this reflective piece is to give you the best optics for beating your face to beauty perfection, so why are they so often the size of car sun visor mirrors?

When it came to making over the room of YouTube beauty guru Alisha Marie, I knew I needed to think a little bigger. I found a large round mirror fit for a cosmetics queen, and whipped out some DIY skills with the help of Alisha and Joey to create a minimalist, custom base that suited the mirror's size and made it fit in perfectly with her Palm Springs-inspired pad.

Prep It:

1" to 1.5" thick wood Table saw/ hand saw (and safety gear) Sandpaper Marker Mirror (make sure it's thin and doesn't have conflicting mounting hardware on the back)

Do It!:

  1. The key to this DIY is to make sure the pieces of the base are large enough to support your mirror. This depends on how large your mirror is (the one we used was about 24" diameter). A safe size to cut is making the length of the base at least half of the width of your mirror.
  2. Use a table saw or hand saw to cut your wood board into the base shape. Leave the sides going straight up for about and inch or two, then taper them into a triangle. Then slice the tip of the triangle off so the piece is flat on top. See the above image for the exact shape!
  3. When it comes to cutting the slice your mirror will fit into, make it a shallow angle, so the mirror isn't leaning too far back, and cut through to one inch from the bottom.
  4. Trace this piece onto the remaining wood board so the other base piece is identical, then cut out that piece as well.
  5. Sand the pieces down so they are soft and smooth. We chose to leave ours raw wood but obviously you could stain or paint your wood pieces to fit your design.
  6. Finish by fitting your mirror into the slices and make sure it is stable! *If you want extra stability on your wood base, you can cut a long thing piece to screw across the back, connecting the two side stands.

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