DIY moth wings

happy new year! i was a moth. a new year's moth to be exact. we celebrated 2011's birth at our friends' Dan and Rachel's black and white themed new year's eve party. joey and i didn't want to go in just any old black and white get-up so he dressed up as a referee and i made DIY moth (or fairy) wings (something i've been wanting to try and make for a while.) no, it wasn't a costume party...but what the heck, why not!? i didn't want to call myself an angel or a fairy, i thought a moth was much more unique. you know how moths are attracted to light and tend to get dusty and a little tattered hanging around dusty light fixtures? well that was me, except i was attracted to tequila. but i got some dust specks on my face (done with brown liquid liner), my wings were tattered, and i got in a tangle with an indoor ficus plant and there were some remnant leaves in my hair. of course any moth would also be incomplete without a tutu and 5 inch heels...

Mr. Kate DIY moth (or fairy) wings

what you'll need: 1. a harness or two belts worn around your arms and then fastened together behind your back (put them on like a vest. one big belt can be worn in a figure 8 shape with the crossing point in the middle of your back.) i used my Kimberly Ovitz buckle harness (don't worry, i didn't harm it in the making and can just remove the wings to wear it normally again). 2. old cloth (t-shirt, curtain, lace, etc.) i used an old cotton gauze curtain that had stains all over it. i wanted a kind of medieval, gauzy look. 3. two wire coat hangers 4. pliers 5. twine 6. a glue gun

do it: 1. assess where you would like to place your wings on your harness or belt harness get-up. mark with a safty pin or string. 2. using the pliers shape the 2 wire coat hangers into wing shapes. then bend the hook of the hanger into a loop. make sure the sharp ends are rounded and not sticking out. 3. using twine attach the hangers onto the harness by wrapping the twine through the loop you made out of the hanger hook and around your harness strap. wrap tightly reversing directions from time to time. tie the two ends of the twine in a knot to finish. trim excess. 4. cut a piece(s) of cloth to wrap around each wire wing frame. use hot glue on the wire to adhere the fabric. get creative! drape and wrap and add bows or strips that hang down, etc! wrap more strips of fabric around the twine to disguise the attachment point. note: you may want to use an extra piece of fabric or twine around the harness, at your shoulder blades to cinch the wings together more so they stay perky!

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