DIY Christmas/ holiday ornament headband

tired of Santa hats? a DIY ornament headband shows your holiday spirit without the hat hair! this festive crown is easy and affordable to make!

Prep It:
  • small round ornaments
  • headband (from the drug store)
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun
Do it!:
  • cut the ribbon to the length of the headband with a little give on each end
  • put the ribbon on the outside of the headband, glue on the inside of the headband and fold the corners of the ribbon over the glue as you go
  • start at the bottom and move your way around to the other end
  • Hint: only do a couple inches at a time on each side so the glue doesn't dry/ it will be easier to manage
  • make a small round dab of glue on the center/top of the headband
  • place the ornament on the glue and hold for about 10 seconds
  • then make your way around the other sides repeating the same steps with glue and an ornament
  • when finished, give it 10 minutes for the glue to fully harden before you wear it!

see the headbands in action on Mr. Kate's A Very Thrifted Christmas...

happy holidays! we love you!

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